Earn $50,000 plus per annum
for evangelism through
franchise ownership!

Dear Passionate Soul Winner,

The credibility of the gospel has been lost over the recent years because of the constant nagging of the public for money by preachers which brings massive embarrassment to the God who owns the heavens and the earth.

The Lord God of Abraham has set us on a mission to reverse this trend by conducting the largest wealth transfer movement in the history of the world, taking the trillions of dollars currently in the hands of unbelievers and diverting it to the hands of believers and servants of God through a new global economic system.

This new economic system known as Compassionate Capitalism comes with various franchise ownership opportunities in 28 sectors with the franchises giving revenues ranging from $30,000 to $2,000,000 depending on the franchise selected.

All you need to do to get up to 5 different franchises, is partake in the movement and encourage believers to place “Monuments for the Christ” or the “Wisdom Clock”. You will enjoy the help of working with a team of youths through a dedicated dashboard on this platform earning $20,000 in commissions by the time you qualify for your first franchise.

It is a win, win, and win solution! Join now and let us become the custodians of a new economy for the earth!

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