Get lifetime financial returns by Placing
the Monument for Yeshua the Christ.

Dear Lover of Christ,

Coke is a more recognizable brand than Christ! This should never be so because it means Christ will become irrelevant as people lose interest in churches which is already happening at alarming speed.

By ordering the Monument for Yeshua the Christ in your home or office, you join the movement to brand the personality, story, message of our lord and saviour Yeshua the Christ into a fantastic product that can be advertised and promoted helping to ensure his relevance in today’s world and for future generations.

You will also earn 5,000 to 7,000 Investment Points (IPs) which you can use through the Black Wall Street Compassionate Capitalism platform to make investments in commercial projects and receive financial returns for that same investment or in capacity building through Certificates to Earn training for career progression meaning the same money you used to place the Monument for Yeshua the Christ, will also help you get money as income for lifetime.

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